Wuthering Waves Game Guide


Terminal can be installed with a variety of Utilities, which will not only make journeys in the wild easier, but also lead to more discoveries with good use.

Utilities: Sensor I

Scanning #1 Scanning can reveal valuable content within a certain range of area, such as collectible items, enemy weak spots or Sound Marks.

Utilities: Sensor II

Scanning #2 You may find special Sound Marks concealing some information during your exploration. When you approach them, they will display certain appearance changes. Scanning them may uncover hidden mechanisms and supply chests.

Utilities: Grapple

Grappling Hook Grappling Hook can assist Resonators on crossing over terrains. Use it in open areas to make a leap upward, or look for Grapple Points in the map for even further travels.

Utilities: Levitator

Levitator Levitation allows you to control highlighted objects and throw them at specific targets for different effects. Use levitation tools to capture and manipulate these objects as needed.