Character image: Taoqi


Power of Black Tortoise



Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Resonance EfficiencyResonance Efficiency
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Max StaminaMax Stamina
Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus


The Chief Officer of Ministry of Development, inheritor of the power of the Black Tortoise. Under the lazy and casual appearance, he carries the heavy responsibility of guarding the entire Jinzhou.


Concealed Edge

Basic Attack Swing the giant blade as if it weighs nothing, perform up to 4 continuous attacks, causing Havoc damage. Heavy Attack Consume some Stamina, enter Rocksteady Shield state. Rocksteady Shield In this state, Taoqi will focus more on defense, reducing the damage taken. During the duration of Rocksteady Shield, if Taoqi is attacked or fully charged, it will trigger Strategic Parry, Strategic Parrying the target, causing Havoc damage. Strategic Parry When Strategic Parry is successfully triggered, attack the target, causing Havoc damage, and up to 3 follow-up attacks can be performed. Mid-air Attack Consume Stamina to perform a mid-air plunging attack, causing Havoc damage. Dodge and Strategic Parry After a successful Dodge, use Basic Attack within a certain time, it will attack the target, causing Havoc damage.


Cast Ironclad, inflicting Havoc damage on surrounding targets, generating 3 Rocksteady Shield and restoring your own health. If attacked at this time, Strategic Parry will be triggered, retaliating against the target. Rocksteady Shield When the Character is attacked, 1 Rocksteady Shield is consumed, reducing the damage taken.


Launch an attack based on Taoqi's defense on the target, causing Havoc damage.

Heart Protection

During the duration of the Resonance Skill Rocksteady Shield, the defense of the character increases by 15%.


When successfully triggering Heavy Attack: Strategic Parry, recover 25 stamina.

Carry Attack and Defense Formation

Attack the target, causing Havoc damage, and gain 3 points of [Huajin].

Power Shift

Timed Counters When successfully triggering Heavy Attack: Strategic Parry, up to 3 follow-up attacks can be made, causing Havoc damage, this damage is Basic Attack damage. Each follow-up attack consumes 1 "Huajin" when hitting the target, and gains a shield at the same time. After casting the Intro Skill Defense Formation, using Basic Attack can directly cast Timed Counters. Huajin Acquisition Rules When casting the Resonance Skill Impregnable Defense, 3 Rocksteady Shields are generated. The 4th Basic Attack will consume all of Taoqi's Rocksteady Shields to obtain the same number of "Huajin". When attacked, consume 1 Rocksteady Shield and recover 1 "Huajin".

Skillful Cooking

When cooking a Dish for exploring the Echo, there is a 20% chance to get double the same Dish.

Thousand Pounds

Resonance Skill damage is increased by 38%, the effect lasts for 14 seconds or the character exits.