Character image: Sanhua


Snow Waltz



Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Resonance EfficiencyResonance Efficiency
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Max StaminaMax Stamina
Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus


The Dragon Lord's Guard, as cold as ice and snow. In her eyes, all things in the world will distort into bizarre shapes, and only a few people maintain the normal and pure reality.


Cold Light

Basic Attack Perform up to 5 consecutive attacks, causing Glacio damage. Heavy Attack Consume Stamina to launch an attack, causing Glacio damage. Mid-air Attack Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Glacio damage. Dodge Counter After a successful Dodge, use Basic Attack within a certain time to attack the target, causing Glacio damage.

Eternal Frost

Deals Glacio damage and leaves behind one [Ice Prism].

Glacial Gaze

Deals Glacio damage and forms one [Glacier], lasting for 5 seconds.

Ice Condensation

After the Intro Skill, the damage of Sanhua's Resonance Skill increases by 20%, lasting for 8 seconds.


After casting the 5th Basic Attack, the damage caused by Sanhua's ice burst increases by 20%, lasting for 8 seconds.

Cold Thorn

Stabs downward, dealing Glacio damage and leaves behind one [Ice Thorn].

Clarity of Mind

Detonate When Sanhua holds down the Heavy Attack button, if the pointer is released within the [Frostbite] area, Sanhua will cast a Heavy Attack Burst, rushing towards the target, causing Glacio damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage. Ice Bloom Heavy Attack Burst will detonate the [Ice Thorn], [Ice Prism] and [Glacier] within the attack path, causing Glacio damage, the damage caused by Ice Bloom will be considered as Resonance Skill damage. Rules for the Expansion of the Frostbite Area Each layer of [Clarity] will expand the [Frostbite] area, with a maximum of two layers of [Clarity]. When casting the Part 5 of the Basic Attack, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Intro Skill Chilling Thorn, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Resonance Skill Eternal Frost, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Resonance Liberation Glacial Gaze, gain 2 layers of [Clarity]. The expanded [Frostbite] will return to its initial area size after 5 seconds. Successfully using the Heavy Attack Burst will also restore the expanded [Frostbite] to its initial size.

Skillful Cooking

When cooking a Dish for exploring the Echo, there is a 20% chance to get double the same Dish.


Glacio damage increased by 30%, the effect lasts 14 seconds or the Character exits.