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Snow Waltz




January 20th




Ascension Materials

- Max Level: 90
  • Sound-Keeping Tacet Core
    Sound-Keeping Tacet Core
  • Wintry Bell
    Wintry Bell
  • FF Whisperin Core
    FF Whisperin Core
  • Shell Credit
    Shell Credit
Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Energy RegenEnergy Regen
Max Resonance Energy


The bodyguard of Jinzhou’s Magistrate, known for having an icy personality. Once regarded as the Asura of Calamity, Sanhua is now a taciturn guardian. She has learned to maintain inner calmness amidst the chaotic frequencies, and the things that once frightened her now fuel her determination.


Frigid Light

Frigid Light

— Basic Attack

Basic Attack Sanhua performs up to 5 consecutive attacks, dealing Glacio DMG.
Heavy Attack Sanhua consumes STA to launch attacks, dealing Glacio DMG.
Mid-air Attack Sanhua consumes STA to perform a Mid-Air Plunging Attack, dealing Glacio DMG.
Dodge Counter Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Glacio DMG.

Eternal Frost

Eternal Frost

— Resonance Skill

Sanhua sends an air blade to create 1 "Ice Prism" on the ground, dealing Glacio DMG.

Glacial Gaze

Glacial Gaze

— Resonance Liberation

Sanhua deals Glacio DMG and creates 1 "Glacier".

Clarity of Mind

Clarity of Mind

— Forte Circuit

Heavy Attack: Detonate When holding Basic Attack, a cursor moves back and forth on the Forte Gauge. Release Basic Attack while cursor falls in the "Frostbite" area, to perform Heavy Attack Detonate, dealing Glacio DMG considered as Heavy Attack damage.
Ice Burst Sanhua’s Heavy Attack Detonate detonates all "Ice Thorns", "Ice Prisms" and "Glaciers" within her attack range, dealing Glacio DMG. Ice Burst deals Resonance Skill DMG.
Frostbite Area The "Frostbite" area expands with every 1 stack of "Clarity". "Clarity" stacks up to 2 times. Sanhua obtains 1 stack of "Clarity" upon performing Basic Attack 5. Sanhua obtains 1 stack of "Clarity" upon casting Intro Skill Freezing Thorns. Sanhua obtains 1 stack of "Clarity" upon casting Resonance Skill Eternal Frost. Sanhua obtains 2 stack(s) of "Clarity" upon casting Resonance Liberation Glacial Gaze. Upon casting Heavy Attack Detonate, all "Clarity" is removed.

Intro/Outro Skills

Freezing Thorns

Freezing Thorns

— Intro Skill

Sanhua swings her blade downward and creates 1 "Ice Thorn", dealing Glacio DMG.



— Outro Skill

The incoming Resonator has their Basic Attack DMG Amplified by 38% for 14s or until they are switched out.

Passive Skills



Damage dealt by Sanhua's Resonance Skill increased by 20% for 8s after casting her Intro Skill.



Damage dealt by Sanhua's Forte Circuit Ice Burst is increased by 20% for 8s after casting Basic Attack 5.

Skillful Cooking

Skillful Cooking

Has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking

Resonance Chain

Solitude's Embrace #undefined

Solitude's Embrace

Basic Attack V increases Sanhua's Crit. Rate by 15% for 10s.
Snowy Clarity #undefined

Snowy Clarity

Stamina cost of Heavy Attack Detonate is reduced by 10. When Sanhua casts Resonance Skill Eternal Frost, her Anti-interruption is enhanced for 10s.
Anomalous Vision #undefined

Anomalous Vision

Sanhua's damage dealt is increased by 35% against targets with HP below 70%.
Blade Mastery #undefined

Blade Mastery

Resonance Liberation Glacial Gaze restores 10 Resonance Energy. DMG of the next Heavy Attack Detonate within 5s is increased by 120%.
Unraveling Fate #undefined

Unraveling Fate

Crit. DMG of Forte Circuit Ice Burst is increased by 100%. Ice Creations (Ice Thorn, Ice Prism, and Glacier) will explode even if they are not detonated.
Daybreak Radiance #undefined

Daybreak Radiance

After an Ice Prism or a Glacier is detonated, all team members' ATK is increased by 10% for 20s, stacking up to 2 times.


Evaluation Basis: [Resonance Assessment 2105-G]

Based on Resonator Sanhua's reports, Sanhua was born with abnormal eye structure resulting in blindness of both eyes. The later Tacet Discord encounter during a blizzard caused by Waveworn Phenomenon left frequency erosions to her right eye, leading to Sanhua's abnormal vision and the subsequent Awakening of Forte.

Resonator Sanhua's Tacet Mark is located in her right pupil, only visible when she exerts her Forte. After analyzing Sanhua's testimonies and medical tests, we've pinpointed physical changes following her Awakening. These include a chaotic frequency reaction of her right pupil near the Tacet Mark, appearing red. The erosion is also advancing, evident in the color shift from grey to red in her left pupil.

Sanhua has gained abnormal vision and control over snow through her Forte, its strength tied to her focus. After analyzing her explanations, our initial conclusion is that her sight differs from the norm, allowing her to perceive object frequencies directly. Frequency tests show 99.64% accuracy in her visualization.

Sanhua's Resonance Spectrum Pattern is identical to that of the snow. Additionally, the spectrum patterns of her pupils are identical to the Frequency Fluctuation interval of known TDs. Both tests revealed strong Syntony reactions, and the exact cause of her Awakening remains unclear.

Analysis of test samples has revealed a non-convergent Rabelle's Curve with a steep rise in its middle section. Therefore, Sanhua is classified as a Mutant Resonator.

The waveform graph for Resonator Sanhua displays elliptical fluctuations. The pattern of Time Domain is stable with no abnormal waveforms. Examination results are determined to be within normal parameters. However, Sanhua's risk of Overclocking persists.

Resonant Criticality: Very stable. Yet constantly verges on the Criticality level. Risk of Overclocking remains high.

Resonator Sanhua has a documented history of Overclocking. Maximum Overclock rating: Moderate.

Sanhua's past Overclocks caused Level 2 blizzards due to her extended periods of verging on Resonance Criticality and extreme Frequency Fluctuation reactions. No civilian casualties were reported in these incidents. These series of events are currently documented under code EX01521, classified as Class 3 hazard events.

Sanhua's frequency fluctuates due to erosion, causing energy outbursts and altered perception. Her Overclocking leads to quicker erosion spread and changes her left pupil from grey to red.

Due to Resonator Sanhua's past Overclocking tendencies, close monitoring of her psychological and physical condition is advised. Routine counseling and examinations are required.