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Dragon's Breath




November 6th




Ascension Materials

- Max Level: 90
  • Rage Tacet Core
    Rage Tacet Core
  • Coriolus
  • FF Whisperin Core
    FF Whisperin Core
  • Shell Credit
    Shell Credit
Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Energy RegenEnergy Regen
Max Resonance Energy


Mortefi, a skilled expert in Applied Tacetite Study and a member of the Academy’s Department of Safety, possesses the unique ability to transform his accumulated frustration into fiery flames. From a burning wrath that consumes all, the red dragon shall descend.


Impromptu Show

Impromptu Show

— Basic Attack

Basic Attack Mortefi uses his dual pistols and flames to perform up to 4 consecutive shots, dealing Fusion DMG.
Heavy Attack Mortefi enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot. The aimed shot fired after charging finishes deals Fusion DMG.
Mid-air Attack Mortefi consumes STA to perform consecutive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Fusion DMG.
Dodge Counter Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG.

Passionate Variation

Passionate Variation

— Resonance Skill

Launch a flashing lightning of flames forward, dealing Fusion DMG.

Violent Finale

Violent Finale

— Resonance Liberation

Deal Fusion DMG, and apply Burning Rhapsody to all characters on the team.
Burning Rhapsody When the active character's Basic Attack hits the target, Mortefi launches a Coordinated Attack, firing 1 Marcato. When the active character's Heavy Attack hits the target, Mortefi launches a Coordinated Attack, firing 2 Marcato. Mortefi can launch one Coordinated Attack every 0.35s.
Marcato Deals Fusion DMG.

Fury Fugue

Fury Fugue

— Forte Circuit

Resonance Skill: Fury Fugue When Mortefi's "Annoyance" reaches 100, his Resonance Skill is replaced with Fury Fudge. When casting Fury Fudge, Mortefi consumes all "Annoyance" to unleash high-speed flame lightning, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.
Annoyance Mortefi can hold up to 100 Annoyance. When Normal Attack Impromptu Show hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored. When Intro Skill Dissonance hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored. When Resonance Skill Passionate Variation hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored. Within 5s after casting Passionate Variation, Normal Attack Impromptu Show that hits the target additionally restores “Annoyance”.

Intro/Outro Skills



— Intro Skill

Attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG.

Rage Transposition

Rage Transposition

— Outro Skill

The next Resonator has their Heavy Attack DMG Amplified by 38% for 14s or until they are switched out.

Passive Skills

Harmonic Control

Harmonic Control

After casting Resonance Skill Passionate Variation, the damage of Resonance Skill Fury Fugue is increased by 25% for 8s.

Rhythmic Vibrato

Rhythmic Vibrato

During Resonance Liberation Burning Rhapsody, each hit of Resonance Liberation Marcato will increase the DMG of the next Resonance Liberation Marcato by 1.5%, which can be triggered once every 0.35s, stacking up to 50 times. The effect will be reset after Resonance Liberation Burning Rhapsody ends.

Skillful Cooking

Skillful Cooking

Has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking

Resonance Chain

Solitary Etude #undefined

Solitary Etude

During Resonance Liberation Burning Rhapsody, Mortefi launches Coordinated Attacks when the on-field character performs their Resonance Skills, firing 2 Resonance Liberation's Marcato hits, dealing Fusion Damage.
Hypocritical Hymn #undefined

Hypocritical Hymn

After using the Echo Skill, Mortefi restores an additional 10 Resonance Energy. This can be triggered once every 20 second.
Flaming Recitativo #undefined

Flaming Recitativo

During Resonance Liberation Burning Rhapsody, the Crit. DMG of Resonance Liberation's Marcato is increased by 30%.
Cathartic Waltz #undefined

Cathartic Waltz

The duration of Resonance Liberation Burning Rhapsody is extended by 7s.
Funerary Quartet #undefined

Funerary Quartet

When Resonance Skill Passionate Variation or Resonance Skill Fury Fugue hits a target, 4 Resonance Liberation's Marcato hits will be fired, dealing Fusion Damage. DMG of Resonance Liberation's Marcato fired in this way is reduced by 50%.
Apoplectic Instrumental #undefined

Apoplectic Instrumental

When Resonance Liberation Violent Finale is cast, ATK of all team members is increased by 20% for 20s.


Evaluation Basis: [Resonance Assessment 2183-G]

According to Resonator Mortefi's reports, indications of his Awakening began to manifest during his youth. His actual Awakening was accompanied by a surge of intense anger.

Mortefi's Tacet Mark is located on his right chest. When Mortefi's Forte is activated, crystalline matter in the shape of dragon scales materializes around his Tacet Mark. These scales burn intensely as he harnesses his power.

Resonator Mortefi demonstrates the ability to generate and manipulate fire through the focused concentration of heat. The intensity of the flames produced is closely linked to Mortefi's emotional state. Extensive experimentation has revealed that the fire is a tangible manifestation of Mortefi's accumulated negative emotions over a certain threshold.

The Resonance Spectrum Pattern of Mortefi has been observed to align closely with that of the Dragonkin, a species that is currently declared extinct. Due to the unavailability of living Dragonkin for Syntony tests, it is currently not possible to empirically confirm the cause of Mortefi's Awakening.

Analysis of test samples has revealed a non-convergent Rabelle's Curve, with a steep rise in its middle section. Resonator Mortefi is thereby classified as a Mutant Resonator.

Resonator Mortefi's waveform graph shows zigzag fluctuations. The pattern of Time Domain is regular, though the peak values show an increasing tendency. Peak values are currently under Criticality level, and abnormal waveforms are not identified.

Resonant Criticality: High, combined with low stability. A high risk of Overclocking is present.

Resonator Mortefi has a documented history of Overclocking. Maximum recorded Overclock rating: Negligible.

During Overclocking, the scale-shaped red crystalline matter on Mortefi's chest continuously expands to cover a larger area of his skin. This transformation is accompanied by a significant rise in body temperature, resulting in the manifestation of intense Frequency Fluctuation. Notably, a fiery apparition resembling a dragon becomes visible behind Mortefi during this stage.

Mortefi was the cause of a major fire in Desorock Highland. This event was classified under code EX67891 as a Class 3 hazard. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.Resonator Mortefi's Forte and Overclocking history indicate that negative emotions are his primary trigger for Overclocking, which warrants a higher risk of Overclocking. Therefore, it is recommended to closely monitor Resonator Mortefi's psychological status and implement regular counseling and examinations.