Character image: Lingyang


White Tiger



Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Resonance EfficiencyResonance Efficiency
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Max StaminaMax Stamina
Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus


White Tiger


Majestic Fists

Basic Attack Perform up to 5 attacks, causing Glacio damage. After casting the Resonance Skill Swift Punches, the 5th attack of the Basic Attack is replaced by Feral Roars. Basic Attack: Feral Roars When Swift Punches hits the target, the 5th attack of the Basic Attack will be enhanced to Feral Roars, causing Glacio damage. Heavy Attack Consume Stamina, causing Glacio damage. Mid-air Attack Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Glacio damage. Mid-air Attack: Radiant Plunge When the Forte Gauge is not full, after a Heavy Attack is followed by a Basic Attack, the Radiant Plunge attack will be launched, causing Glacio damage. Counter Attack After a successful Dodge, using a Basic Attack within a certain period of time will attack the target, causing Glacio damage.

Ancient Arts

Attack the target, causing Glacio damage. Resonance Skill: Swift Punches When the 3rd, 4th, 5th Basic Attacks hit the target, the Resonance Skill Ancient Arts is replaced by the Resonance Skill Swift Punches. After casting Feral Roars, casting the Resonance Skill Swift Punches and then casting Basic Attack again, the 3rd Basic Attack will be cast. Lingyang's Resonance Skill will not interrupt the Basic Attack cycle.

Strive: Lion's Vigor

Attack the target, causing Glacio damage, and receive the blessing of Lion's Vigor, lasting for 14 seconds. Lion's Vigor During the duration of Lion's Vigor, Lingyang's own Glacio damage bonus is increased by 50%; During the duration of Lion's Vigor, the duration of the Forte Circuit's Striding Lion state will be extended to 10 seconds.

Lion's Pride

The damage of the Intro Skill Lion Awakens is increased by 50%.

Diligent Practice, Sharpening the Teeth

In the Forte Circuit Striding Lion state, after each Basic Attack is cast, the next Forte Circuit Leaping Style: Mountain Crossing will cause an additional Glacio damage within 3 seconds, the damage is 150% of the Forte Circuit Leaping Style: Mountain Crossing, this damage is Resonance Skill damage.

Lion Awakens

Lingyang's appearance causes Glacio damage.

Unification of Spirits

Striding Lion Entering Striding Lion state : When the Lion's Spirit is full, hold the Basic Attack to unleash the Heavy AttackGlorious Plunge, causingGlacio damage, and enter theStriding Lion state, gaining the ability to attack in the air; : After casting the Intro SkillLion Awakens or the Resonance LiberationFeral Gyrate, if the Lion's Spirit is full, castingBasic Attack can enter theStriding Lion state. Striding Lion state: : In theStriding Lion state, the Lion's Spirit will be consumed continuously for 5 seconds, and the Striding Lion state will end and return to the ground after the consumption is complete; : If in the Resonance Liberation Strive: Lion's Vigor state at the same time, the consumption rate of Lion's Spirit is halved; : When consuming Lion's Spirit, the Concerto Energy is restored, and when all Lion's Spirit is consumed, 35 Concerto Energy can be restored; : In the Striding Lion state, Lingyang'sBasic Attack is replaced with Basic AttackFeral Gyrate, performing up to 2 attacks, causingGlacio damage. : In the Striding Lion state, Lingyang'sResonance Skill is replaced with Resonance SkillLion Prance, causingGlacio damage. : When the Lion's Spirit is less than 10, tapBasic Attack to cast Basic AttackStormy Kicks to attack the target, causingGlacio damage; after casting Basic AttackStormy Kicks, the Mid-air AttackRadiant Plunge can be cast. Rules for obtaining Lion's Spirit When casting Resonance SkillLeap: Angry Chase, 20 Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Intro SkillLion Awakens, 40 Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Resonance LiberationFeral Gyrate, 60 Lion's Spirit is restored.

Skillful Cooking

The current Character has a chance to produce a specialty dish when cooking

Frosty Marks

Centered on the skill target, it releases a shock wave, causing 587.94% of Lingyang's attack to the targets within the range as Glacio damage.