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Jinhsi's Title




March 6th




Ascension Materials

- Max Level: 90
  • Elegy Tacet Core
    Elegy Tacet Core
  • Loong's Pearl
    Loong's Pearl
  • FF Howler Core
    FF Howler Core
  • Shell Credit
    Shell Credit
Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Energy RegenEnergy Regen
Max Resonance Energy


Jinhsi, Magistrate of Jinzhou, gently brightens the hopes of her people, like rays of winter sunlight. As the revered Sentinel's Appointed Resonator, she displays humility and wholeheartedly commits herself to guiding her people towards a brilliant future.


Slash of Breaking Dawn

Slash of Breaking Dawn

— Basic Attack

Basic Attack Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG.
Heavy Attack Perform a charged attack at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
Mid-Air Attack Perform a plunging attack while in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
Dodge Counter Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to counterattack, dealing Spectro DMG.

Trailing Lights of Eons

Trailing Lights of Eons

— Resonance Skill

Dash forward and perform consecutive strikes that inflict Spectro DMG.
Overflowing Radiance After Jinhsi uses Basic Attack 4 or, while not in Incarnation, Intro Skill Loong's Halo, an alternative Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance is available within 5s. Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance inflicts Spectro DMG and sends Jinhsi into Incarnation. Can be cast in mid-air.

Purge of Light

Purge of Light

— Resonance Liberation

Unleash the power of a heart's wish to deal Spectro DMG. Can be cast in mid-air.

Luminal Synthesis

Luminal Synthesis

— Forte Circuit

Incarnation While in Incarnation: - Alternative Basic Attack "Incarnation: Basic Attack" becomes available. Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG. The basic attack cycle of this will not be reset. Can be cast in mid-air. - Alternative Resonance Skill Crescent Divinity becomes available. Deal Spectro DMG. Can be cast in mid-air. - Alternative Heavy Attack "Incarnation: Heavy Attack" becomes available. Attack the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG. - Alternative Dodge "Incarnation: Dodge" is available while in mid-air. Can be cast multiple times at the cost of Stamina. - Alternative Dodge Counter "Incarnation: Dodge Counter" becomes available. Deal Spectro DMG. Can be cast in mid-air.
Resonance Skill: Illuminous Epiphany After Stage 4 of Incarnation: Basic Attack, Incarnation terminates and Jinhsi gains Ordination Glow. Can be cast in mid-air. While Ordination Glow lasts: - Basic Attack is replaced with Heavy Attack "Incarnation: Heavy Attack". Attack the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG. - Resonance Skill is replaced with Resonance Skill "Illuminous Epiphany". Send out Solar Flare that detonates as Stella Glamor, dealing Spectro DMG after a short delay. Consume up to 40 Incandescence, with each point of Incandescence granting bonus DMG Multiplier percentage to Stellar Glamor. Can be cast in mid-air. - After casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi gains Unison. This can be triggered once every 25s.
Unison While Jinhsi has Unison, switching to other Resonators will remove Jinhsi's Unison to trigger Jinhsi's Outro Skill and the incoming Resonator's Intro Skill. Unison will be consumed in priority in place of Concerto Energy when Concerto Energy is full.
Incandescence Jinhsi can hold up to 40 Incandescence. When Jinhsi is on the team, all nearby Resonators on the team gain Eras in Unity. When Resonators with Eras in Unity deal damage with an attribute, Jinhsi gains 1 Incandescence. Damage of the same attribute can provide up to 1 Incandescence every 3s.

Intro/Outro Skills

Loong's Halo

Loong's Halo

— Intro Skill

Attack the target, dealing Spectro DMG.

Temporal Bender

Temporal Bender

— Outro Skill

With the power homologous with the Sentinel, Jinhsi reduces the Cooldown of Eras in Unity to 1s. This lasts for 20s.

Passive Skills

Radiant Surge

Radiant Surge

Jinhsi's Spectro DMG Bonus is increased by 20%.

Converged Flash

Converged Flash

Intro Skill Loong's Halo increases DMG Multiplier by 50%.



Has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking

Resonance Chain

Abyssal Ascension #undefined

Abyssal Ascension

When casting Basic Attack "Incarnation: Basic Attack" or Resonance Skill Crescent Divinity, Jinhsi gains one stack of Herald of Revival, stacking up to 4 times and lasting for 6s. When casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival. Each stack increases the damage of Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany by 20%.
Chronofrost Repose #undefined

Chronofrost Repose

Jinhsi restores 40 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than 4s. This effect can only be triggered 1 time(s) every 4s.
Celestial Incarnate #undefined

Celestial Incarnate

Jinhsi gains 12 Incandescence and one stack of Immortal's Descendancy after casting Intro Skill Loong's Halo. Each stack of Immortal's Descendancy increases Jinhsi's ATK by 25%, stacking up to 2 time(s) and lasting for 20s.
Benevolent Grace #undefined

Benevolent Grace

When Jinhsi casts Resonance Liberation Purge of Light or Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, all nearby Resonators on the team gain DMG Bonus for all attributes by 20% for 20s.
Frostfire Illumination #undefined

Frostfire Illumination

The DMG Multiplier of Resonance Liberation Purge of Light is increased by 120%.
Thawing Triumph #undefined

Thawing Triumph

The DMG Multiplier of Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany is increased by 45%. When Incandescence is consumed, the DMG Multiplier is additionally increased by 71%.


Evaluation Basis: [Resonance Assessment 2100-G]

The exact timing of Resonator Jinhsi's Awakening remains unclear. Signs of her Awakening manifested early in her life, establishing a profound resonance with Sentinel Jué.

Positioned at the midpoint of her back, Jinhsi's Tacet Mark is a distinct feature. When activating her Resonance Ability, crystalline formations resembling Loong horns materialize above her head.

Through her unique gift, Jinhsi can manipulate light to create holographic projections mirroring Sentinel Jué, showcasing power comparable to the Sentinel's own abilities.

Observational data points towards the exceptional growth capacity of the subject's Resonance Ability. The pinnacle of this ability hints at the remarkable prospect of time shifting.

Detailed analysis of Jinhsi's Resonance Spectrum Pattern has unveiled a striking resemblance to that of Sentinel Jué. Rigorous testing has uncovered strong Syntony reactions. Nevertheless, the precise trigger behind Jinhsi's Awakening remains enigmatic due to the Sentinel's special position.

Analysis of test samples has revealed a non-convergent Rabelle's Curve with a noticeable periodic waveform, which classifies Jinhsi as a Congenital Resonator.

Resonator Jinhsi's waveform graph displays elliptical fluctuations. The pattern of Time Domain is stable with no abnormal waveform.

Resonant Criticality: Extremely high. Resonator Jinhsi's frequency displays high stability. It is almost certain that she bears no risk of Overclocking.

Resonator Jinhsi has no past record of Overclocking.

Routine examinations are recommended, while psychological counseling is currently deemed unnecessary.