Character image: Danjin


Red Light Sword Shadow



Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Resonance EfficiencyResonance Efficiency
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Max StaminaMax Stamina
Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus


One of the Midnight Rangers, her longing for kinship is almost obsessive. If anyone dares to harm her "family", she will not tolerate it, even if it takes all her strength.


Wield the Blade

Basic Attack Danjin performs up to 3 consecutive attacks according to the ancient manual "Flying Flowers and Falling Leaves", causing Havoc damage. Heavy Attack Danjin combines his Forte with the blade in his hand, consumes Stamina, and launches consecutive attacks, causing Havoc damage. Mid-air Attack Consumes Stamina to perform a mid-air Plunging Attack, causing Havoc damage. Dodge Counter After a successful Dodge, within a certain period of time, Danjin can use the Basic Attack according to the sword manual, to launch an attack, causing Havoc damage. Dodge Counter: Shadow Pursuit After a successful Dodge Counter, Danjin can use the Resonance Skill Incinerating Will, to cast the Resonance Skill Zhu Shi.

Incinerating Will

Every time the move of Incinerating Will is used to cause damage, it will consume 3% of the maximum health of Danjin. When the health is less than 1%, it will no longer consume health. Chi Hua Danjin launches 1 attack, causing Havoc damage. Zhu Shi After the Part 2 of the Basic Attack, Hit the enemy or Evasion Attack is successful, the Resonance Skill Incinerating Will can be used, the Resonance Skill Zhu Shi is cast, causing Havoc damage. When the Zhu Shi Part 2 hits the target, it will add Zhu Shi's Moment to the target. Zhu Shi's Moment Danjin's damage to the marked target is increased by 20%. Jin Mie After the Part 3 of the Basic Attack, Incinerating Will is connected, Danjin will cast up to 3 segments of Jin Mie, causing Havoc damage.

Crimson Bloom

Hostility towards the target increases dramatically, frantically swinging dual blades at the target, performing multiple rapid consecutive attacks, and a single Crimson Burst attack, causing Havoc damage.

Crimson Light

The damage of the Resonance Skill Ruby Shades triggered by Dodge Counter: Shadow Pursuit increases by 20%, and the HP cost and the recovery of "Tonghua" are doubled.


After casting the Resonance Skill Jinmie, the damage of Danjin's Heavy Attack increases by 30%, and the effect lasts for 5 seconds.

Strike the Enemy

Place your battle intent on the blade, launch an attack, causing Havoc damage. At the end of the Intro Skill Ji Chou, the Resonance Skill Incinerating Will can be used, and the Resonance Skill Zhu Shi can be cast.

Danxin Zhaojin

Heavy Attack: Chaotic After accumulating 60 points, Danjin can launch a stronger continuous attack, causing Havoc damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage, and restores his own health. When the points of [Ruby Blossom]accumulate to 120, this attack can cause higher damage. Heavy Attack: Falling After a certain time of Heavy AttackChaotic, Danjin will launch Falling by using Basic Attack, causing Havoc damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage. Rules of Obtaining Ruby Blossom Danjin can get 5 points of [Ruby Blossom] for each Havoc damage caused by using the Resonance Skill朱华残章.

Skillful Cooking

The current Character has a chance to produce a special dish when cooking


Havoc damage increased by 30%, the effect lasts for 14 seconds or when the Character exits.