Character image: Chixia


Gallant Blaze



Crit. RateCrit. Rate
Resonance EfficiencyResonance Efficiency
Crit. DMGCrit. DMG
Max StaminaMax Stamina
Resonance Skill DMG BonusResonance Skill DMG Bonus


One of the members of the Ministry of Development, she can turn passion into ammunition. Her ammunition, like her passion, never ceases.



Basic Attack Load bullets for up to 4 consecutive shots, causing Fusion damage. Heavy Attack Enter the aiming state for a more powerful shot. The shot fired after the charge is completed, causing Fusion damage. Mid-air Attack Consume Stamina to continuously shoot the target in the air, causing Fusion damage. Evasion Attack After a successful Dodge for a certain period, using Basic Attack will attack the target, causing Fusion damage. When the attack hits the target, it can accumulate [Thermobaric Bullets].

Whizzing Fight Spirit

Ignite the fighting spirit and perform rapid fire on the target, causing Fusion damage. Initially, the Whizzing Fight Spirit has 2 times of usage.

Blazing Flames

A surge of heat emerges from within, rapidly shooting at nearby targets, causing Fusion damage.

Scorching Magazine

The capacity of Thermobaric Bullets is expanded by 10, and the damage of the Resonance Skill Boom Boom is increased by 50%.

Spicy and Numbing

During the duration of the Resonance Skill DAKA DAKA!, each hit of Thermobaric Bullets can increase the attack by 1%, lasting 10 seconds, and can stack up to 30 layers.

Make a Grand Entrance

Make a cool entrance, rapidly shooting at the target, causing Fusion damage, and can obtain Thermobaric Bullets after casting.

Heroic Bullets

Resonance Skill: DAKA DAKA! Long press the Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit to enter the DAKA DAKA! shooting state. In this state: : Continuously consume Thermobaric Bullets to attack the target, causing Fusion damage. This damage is Resonance Skill damage; : When the Thermobaric Bullets are exhausted, exit DAKA DAKA!; : During DAKA DAKA!, tapping Basic Attack will perform a shooting, causing Fusion damage. This damage is Resonance Skill damage, and exit DAKA DAKA!; : If Basic Attack is tapped after consuming 30 Thermobaric Bullets, a Boom Boom will be triggered and exit DAKA DAKA!. Resonance Skill: Pow Pow Causes Fusion damage. This damage is Resonance Skill damage. Thermobaric Bullets Acquisition Rules When the Basic Attack POW POW hits the target, Thermobaric Bullets can be accumulated. When casting the Intro Skill Grand Entrance and the Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit, Thermobaric Bullets can be accumulated.

Skillful Cooking

When cooking a Dish for exploring the Echo, there is a 20% chance to get double the same Dish.

Leaping Flame

Centered on the skill target, it releases a shock wave, causing 695.1% of the Chixia ATK of Fusion damage to the target in the range.